Increase the conversion of paying customers by accepting time as a payment method in your service

Thousands of payment systems are designed just to accept money from customers.
CashTime Pay is the only payment method designed to pay with time, not money.
CashTime Pay offers payment method available to all customers.
We convert the time of your customers into fiat money for you.

How it works

The user wants to pay for the placed order and chooses the CashTime Pay payment method
The user participates in the micro-research, top-up own virtual balance and presses the "Pay" button
You get 100% of the money for a paid order, and your client receives a service paid for by time, not money

Benefits of CashTime Pay

compared to regular payment systems
Easy integration
This is an alternative, additional payment method. You can leave the basic money-payment method, and add time-payment optionally so that the user can choose a convenient payment method at personal discretion
Customer loyalty and winback
A way to increase customer engagement and keep them coming back for repeat buying
Competitive edge
This payment method is not available to everyone. CashTime Pay will select only a few of the best suppliers in the same category for each country
Increased conversion of paying customers
Special value for customers is to receive a paid service without paying money
Both the seller and the buyer benefit from our future-proof technologies
100% money with 0% fee
You get 100% money without commission, even 2.5% as in regular payment systems

What services is CashTime Pay designed for

CashTime Pay is perfect for paying microtransactions up to $10
online books
online service subscriptions
Internet and mobile services
software with a license cost up to $10
streaming services
mobile applications
social initiatives
tickets for online events and broadcasts
Expand your paying audience and stay on top of the latest technology!