Do quick micro-researches for customer acquisition and analysis of your products

Pay only for the targeted action, without overpaying for ads and bots.
Our users
As well as being customers of other online sales services, our users are ambitious people who are willing to help others, surf the Internet, and buy online.
They do not receive money but help others by investing their time, thereby achieving the highest quality target audience.The traffic source for our respondents includes donations for bloggers and for charitable foundations.

How does the traditional research market work now?

Long start. Time-consuming execution of a contract and other agreements.
The complexity and opacity of the target audience selection.
When research results are received, you never know who participated in them, with no guarantee that different people did it.

Ways to use our service

Quality evaluation of the website, landing page, presentation, etc
Feedback collection from your customers with a reward for the timespent
Social initiatives
Collection of leads with special surveys.
The ability to get a lot of applications from target customers with the correct survey and audience involvement
Marketing hypotheses testing