Attract new potential clients and convert them into loyal customers of your business!

Pay only for specific actions at a fixed, predetermined price, without additional expenses on advertising and bots. Our solutions will help you achieve success and ensure stability in lead generation!

How do traditional lead generation methods work now?

Lack of a fixed, predetermined price for attracting potential clients
Insufficiently precise audience targeting
Instability of results
High cost of conversions and advertising campaigns
Low effectiveness of advertising campaigns
Lack of confidence in the validity and quality of the gathered data
Insufficient understanding of the needs and demands of the target audience


CashTime Pay is a payment service that offers a revolutionary approach to lead generation and provides quick micro-surveys for analyzing your business and attracting clients.

Our service offers an efficient method of collecting leads through surveys with a clearly defined source of traffic that you choose! We will create a perfect survey that will attract the attention of your target audience and allow you to gather a large number of applications from new potential clients.
Our users
are your target audience who show activity and determination, are consumers of online services, and sponsor influencers. They are willing to help others, use the internet, and make online purchases of various goods and services. They do not receive money for their actions but help others by investing their time, which allows us to reach the highest quality target audience. The traffic source for our respondents comes from donations to bloggers and contributions to charitable funds. All these factors turn our users into valuable and positive members of our online community.

We do not search for respondents by placing advertisements as it is not our method.

What You Get

High-quality contacts
(validity and quality of collected data)
Payment only for the desired action and result
Precise targeting of the audience from the influencers and websites you choose
Fixed price
Understanding of the needs and requirements of the target audience
Predictable results

Additional ways to use our service

Evaluation of website performance, landing pages, presentations, and similar assets
Gathering feedback from your customers with rewards for their time
Social initiatives
Testing marketing hypotheses
Conducting microstudies to attract clients and analyze our own products
Start lead generation with CashTime Pay and forget about the opacity and wasted expenses associated with outdated methods in the digital advertising market. So go ahead and succeed with CashTime Pay!