CashTime Pay is an innovative technology partner of the charity

Charity available to all!
Converts your supporters’ time into charity money.

What You Get

For charity funds
For advertising sponsors
For donors
Increased fundraising
New stream for incoming donations. The user pays with time, while the fund receives money with CashTime Pay
Transaction security
Cashtime Pay does not collect bank payment data
Benefits and fruitful cooperation for sponsors
Your supporters participate in sponsored research, so the charity fund receives 100% of the money directly
Simplicity and rapidity
Free, fast, and easy integration to start fundraising
Particular constellation of business interests and corporate social responsibility
All money from research orders goes to charity
Fixed price of services
Only fixed prices and performance-based payment
Interaction with socially responsible people
Your surveys will be taken by people who are willing to help others and invest their time
200% benefit
You pay 100% for micro-researches and get 100% results from micro-surveys.
+ the same 100% of the amount goes to charity
More opportunities to help people in need
Now donations can be made not only with your own money but also with your time
Simplicity, usability and profitability
Spend your free time with innovative benefits helping people just by completing a survey
Transaction security
No bank card is required. To pay with time, Cashtime Pay does not collect user payment data

How it works

For charityfunds
For donors
The charity fund places links for fundraising with CashTime Pay on its social networks and prospectuses
The donor has its best interest at heart to help the fund and follows the link
The donor participates in sponsored micro-researches, investing his or her time
The sponsor receives targeted actions from donors and directs the money for this to the fund
The donor on the website or in social networks gets an offing to make a charitable contribution with personal time, and clicks the button "CashTime Pay - donate time"
The donor participates in sponsored micro-researches, investing his or her time
Upon confirmation receipt from the donor, the system executes the transaction, debiting the corresponding amountin favor of the charity fund

Example of investing $1000 for sponsors

For $1000 invested, the sponsor receives:
$1000 in accelerated micro-research results to solve business challenges at alower cost than if ordered the same services from specialized companies.
$1000 in accelerated charitable contribution paid by the sponsor directly to the charity fund upon receipt of research results.
As a result, the invested $1000 turns into $2000.
This became possible only because of one-of-a-kind CashTime Pay technologies.

Besides its usability, paying with CashTime Pay is also profitable!

Have you ever thought about a minute cost of your time?
Try our Time Cost Calculator to find out the answer to this question.
As a rule, the cost of your time in CashTime Pay is much higher than the cost of your time at work.
Find out the exact cost of time
Timefor payment
Payment amount
Equivalent income per year
47 328$
This is the basic cost of time. After an account is verified, it increases significantly.